For Parents

Sat Nam,

Our hearts go out to each of you at this time of great upheaval and challenge. We're sending you our wishes for health for yourself, all your loved ones, your communities and the world.

In response to the very real public health challenge of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel all our in-person Summer 2020 events: Summer Solstice Sadhana, International Women's Camp, and Khalsa Youth Camp.

We will be providing full refunds and we ask for your patience with the process given the numbers of registrations we need to refund. Cancelling these events will have a large financial impact on our organization.  We also ask that if you would like to support 3HO financially during this challenging time, you can choose to "pay it forward" and your registration fee will be credited towards Winter Solstice 2020, a future 3HO event, or a donation to help 3HO in this time of financial challenge.

You can process your cancellations here.

We look forward to supporting you online with Kundalini Yoga,

The 3HO Foundation Team


Creative, kid-friendly, vegetarian meals and snacks keep energy levels up and support a healthy lifestyle.

Adjusting to Camp

Most campers who experience homesickness adjust within the first two days and are happy for the rest of camp. Separation anxiety is a normal occurrence for some campers. We have trained counselors to assist campers in dealing with this problem, however children with deep emotional problems would be better served in an environment that can address their specific needs.

Parent Contact and Safety

KYC is designed to build leaders for the future. The experience of independence and autonomy during camp is part of building those leadership skills. Thus, the Camp Director must approve all visitors, even family visitors (this is also a safety-oriented policy), and phone calls are limited to emergencies only.

Parents are encouraged to write letters/postcards and send to:

3HO Foundation International
Khalsa Youth Camp
Attn: “Camper’s Name”
P.O. Box 1560
Santa Cruz, NM 87567

Phones are not available for camper use (unless it is an emergency) and we request that children leave cell phones at home. For business and emergency purposes during camp, please call the 3HO Event Director's office line, 505.629.1611.

Camper Equipment List: Things to Bring

Please label all of your child’s belongings.


Sneakers (Velcro for 3 – 6 year olds)
Shower shoes
7 – 10 pair socks
7 – 10 underpants
Pull-ups (if needed)
1 sweatshirt
Rain jacket/poncho
1 warm jacket
2 long pants
2 sets White Bana (Gurdwara clothes)
4 turbans/head coverings
6 – 8 shorts
6 – 8 t-shirts
2 pair of pajamas
Bathing suit



Hair detangler (if necessary)
Hair ties
Sun block
Lip balm
Insect repellent

Camping Items

Water backpack (camel-pack) essential
Water bottle
Sheepskin/mat (for yoga)
Sleeping bag and pad
Laundry bag labeled with name
Spending money ($5 – 10)
Good book(s)
(Note: please limit family photo, personal games, and toys to one favorite)

Collaboration with International Women’s Camp

The first week of Khalsa Youth Camp runs concurrently with the International Women’s Camp. The two camps operate in different areas of Guru Ram Das Puri, allowing a refreshing combination of independence and proximity for mothers and children. Younger children can especially benefit from the proximity and access to their mothers. Women have the opportunity to focus on their own spiritual growth as their children are also learning tools and technology for a healthy, happy, and holy life. Learn more and register for International Women’s Camp.