Sat Nam,

Our hearts go out to each of you at this time of great upheaval and challenge. We're sending you our wishes for health for yourself, all your loved ones, your communities and the world.

In response to the very real public health challenge of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel all our in-person Summer 2020 events: Summer Solstice Sadhana, International Women's Camp, and Khalsa Youth Camp.

We will be providing full refunds and we ask for your patience with the process given the numbers of registrations we need to refund. Cancelling these events will have a large financial impact on our organization.  We also ask that if you would like to support 3HO financially during this challenging time, you can choose to "pay it forward" and your registration fee will be credited towards Winter Solstice 2020, a future 3HO event, or a donation to help 3HO in this time of financial challenge.

You can process your cancellations here.

We look forward to supporting you online with Kundalini Yoga,

The 3HO Foundation Team

Join us in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico where children age 5 - 12 years come together to discover their strength, courage and radiant inner light.
Khalsa Youth Camp offers a unique 7 or 10-day program where children experience their identity as creative, confident souls in a fun, safe and sacred space. Each day is filled with team-building, art projects, hiking, martial arts, singing and Kundalini Yoga. 
The hope of the future lies with our children.  Give them the chance to be who they were brought here to be - bright conscious lights leading the way for our tomorrow.
Since 1979, KYC has helped children build their confidence, strength, and spiritual identity.  KYC is founded on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan to share his vision of “Building Leaders of Tomorrow” in a healthy, happy, and sacred outdoor camp environment.

 “Children of the Aquarian Age do not need knowledge, they need experiences.” ~ Yogi Bhajan


"I wanted to express our deepest gratitude again. All four kids had such a wonderful time at camp. Their auras were positively glowing bright golden! WOW!! They have continued to do their morning Sadhana every day with amazing drumming (Mahali is quite the drummer!). I realize that making this practice an absolute daily priority is the biggest and most important gift I can facilitate! The ESSENCE of their whole experience was pricelessly wonderful and that's the true heart of it all! Thank you again soooooo much!"

"I had a great time at KYC. I liked singing in gurdwara. I liked how the cold showers woke me up. I liked the outdoor skills class and hiking and finding obsidian. I liked the carnival and the three legged race and treats. I really liked going to the ranch because we got to find peacock feathers and play in the pool and eat pizza. I liked working with clay and drawing fun things during art class." -Amar Emmanuel, 7 years old

"KYC is great because it gives my children the opportunity to learn more about sikhi and yoga as a daily lifestyle that they don’t consistently get to experience at home. I like the balance that has been found at KYC between helpful life tools and skills (yoga, meditation, outdoor skills, martial arts, art and music, Sadhana etc) and KYC makes it all fun. I understand that the children may face some challenges, but these usually lead to independence and self confidence. Yes! I plan to send my children to KYC next year and I recommend it to all my friends." -Amar's Mom

"I loved everything about KYC!  and it made me 500 times stronger.” -Mantra Simran Kaur, 5 years old.