Numerology for November 2021: Lighten Your Load

By Nam Hari

The month of November brings a season of time where we are contemplating our relationship to the evolving world around us, and deciding what stays and what goes—decisions, decisions, along with the need to determine who or what elevates us, and what brings us down.

It is essential at this time to “lighten the load” of unnecessary commitments and obligations, and free up space for your own creative process. A very specific type of high-octane mental energy is required now, and developing this energy will allow you to successfully round the curve of 2021 into 2022.

What is commonly called Super Nutrition is one of your best friends in November. Include in your diet healthy greens like Swiss chard, kale, avocados, pistachio nuts, and a super-food green powder. Mix up a morning blender drink with almond or oat milk, banana, and your green energy powder. Adding in a tablespoon or two of a natural oil like flax seed oil, sesame oil, or borage seed oil will help to create a sense of fullness and warmth in the wintry months. I like to add flax oil to oatmeal or on top of toast. Yum!

The number 11 represents the sound current of Infinity, and blending your voice with sacred sounds is a powerful way to develop mental clarity. Now is the time to call in the “big guns” so to speak, with a mantra that cuts through the crap and gives you a shield of divine protection. Consider chanting Rakhe Rakhanhar, a powerful protective mantra. This shabad (song) was composed by Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs, and it is a part of the evening prayer called Rehiras.

The number 11 of November represents the themes of Divine alliance, integrity, mental balance, and the ability to instinctively know who or what will bring you up or tear you down. This may sound a little dramatic, yet we are in truly dramatic times.

We need to bring our working mind into a sharper and clearer awareness of what is happening in the world, and forge for ourselves a protected path that is inclusive of those who we care for---absolutely nobody is going to make it alone through these times.

The number 11 is the highest octave number in the science of Numerology, and is associated with Christ consciousness, the Guru, and the Buddha Dharma. Eleven represents the pure light of Infinity, where all are accepted in the light and love of Divinity.

Since the number 11 is in part challenged in November, we will be seeing more divisiveness than ever before.

Stand your ground for what you know to be true and right for yourself, but don’t go overboard in trying to convince anyone else of your personal truth. These can be dangerous times for waving a flag of self-righteousness in someone else’s face, and I will tell you exactly why.

The Heart number for November is a 5, by way of Significant number 14 (Heart is month of 11 + Gift of 3 = 14 = 5). Our hearts are feeling bold, expressive, and wanting to travel and feel free again. All good, but just be careful to whom and how you are expressing yourself, as Significant number 14 can pack a punch in its response to your stellar truth.

When dealing with friends, family, co-workers, or the airline ticket agent, remember to speak clearly—use simple words—and a gentle tone of voice. It will not take much to set someone off now, as there is a festering agitation at play in the heart of humanity.

Within the collective psyche there is the simmering sense of, “I just want to get back to my good life, so don’t get in my way while I’m going there!”

This is understandable, so let’s look at some ways we can better handle ourselves. At the top of the list is exercise, as number 5 is the physical body and the need to exert and tire ourselves out physically. Don’t let the Winter months shut you down, treat yourself to a new pair of sports shoes, get your exercise playlist going, and hit the parks or sidewalks for your AM walking routine.

A hot epsom salts bath in the evening can do wonders for taking a load off your mind, and will usually allow you a deep and restfull sleep. Adding an essential oil like cedar, orange, eucalyptus, or sage will add to the healing benefit. Then, a warm cup of tea and a moment of Heavenly reflection where you say, “Thank you for guiding me, protecting me, and keeping me in your good graces. All is well in my world.”

We need to speak out our truth in a way that will honor and elevate ourselves, and then pray for those who are lost or less fortunate. In the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” author John Gray says, “Don’t stick your hand in the cave when the bear goes inside!” Good advice for November, as many people will be having moments where they need to completely disappear from view. This is actually quite healthy, as it gives time to decompress and regenerate. There is a very strong “Off-On” dynamic at play now, where people will either be feeling very “Up-n’-at-em,” or, “Leave me alone!”

Emotional flexibility is keynote to managing your flow of life, along with the awareness that planning for the holidays needs to be negotiated for everyone’s wellbeing. The number 11 shines its light to all, and is inclusive of all. Don’t let anyone be the “odd man out” in your family or circle of friends. Find a way to include everyone, even if it means packing relatives into an AirB&B for a few days.

With the intensity of change on the planet, it can be difficult to stay entirely ahead of the curve. However, by staying in balance you will be able to maintain yourself. When challenged, ask yourself the question, “Is this really worth my losing energy over now, and can I revisit this situation at a better time?”

I do not like to get religious in these forecasts, however, I will say that some element of Faith in a higher power is helpful. Seek out what resonates best with you, and whether you check out a Joel Osteen, SadhGuru, or Brene Brown podcast on Youtube.com, find someone who helps bring your spirits up. And yes, I personally favor all the afore mentioned people, and find them helpful in my journey. Variety is the spice of life!

Now is the time to create your oasis of self-care and spiritual practices which will sustain you no matter how crazy the world gets.

The love of the Heavens is on your side, is your best friend, and loves you unconditionally no matter what. May your very own Guardian Angel of light take up your hand and guide you, and may the grace and security of the protected path give you peace. Sat Nam.

Would you like to know more? Nam Hari can do a personal reading for you over the phone or by Skype. Nam Hari specializes in the area of relationships, and by revealing the lines of energy between you and another, a new dimension of understanding is achieved. Nam Hari also offers an independent study course in the science of Numerology. Contact: Nam Hari  575-305-0017  or  [email protected]